Monday, 2 December 2013


... procrast .... ination

I find it is often the case that when you have something really important to do, you will find a million and one other things that suddenly need your utmost attention.
This is how I have found myself here, writing a blog... something I have put off for years. 
I wonder if you can guess why a third year student of a history degree has suddenly become a victim of procrastination?

One word: 

Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' possibly amid assignment deadlines

I am researching the Wydeville family for my topic on Women and Power through the Medieval period. The only problem is that with each new book I read, I find myself getting gripped by a new family member and almost feel myself going off on a tangent. Any tips on beating procrastination and getting down to some serious work?! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Earl Rivers presents his book to Edward IV, Elizabeth Wydeville and Prince Edward

I have also discovered a legend in Anthony Wydeville, Earl Rivers, who is by many accounts the perfect knight, courtier, writer... I had respected him before but with my renewed research into this period I can't help fall a little in love with him!

In other news... 

I was absolutely ecstatic to find out that the third book in the All Souls Trilogy will be released in July 2014.
I became captivated by the first book, 'A Discovery of Witches', whilst living in Nottingham. I have great respect and admiration for Deborah Harkness' commitment to historical research entwined with a fantastic piece of gripping literature. 
This is definitely going to be something that we will be hearing much more about as the film rights have been signed to Warner Brothers. I cannot wait to see who will bring the irresistible Matthew Clairmont to life.

You can follow the author on Twitter here.

I also spent the evening adding pictures of my nearest and dearest's faces into portraits from history. My all time favourite was the one I created of my sister's boyfriend Jake. 

I will have to get this printed.

Point Proven...

... and with that I have gone off on a tangent again and have spent at least ten minutes on twitter! 
Off to bed I must go so I can wake up and work on my dissertation (read: blog).

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